Introduced in Robert Weibezahl’s debut crime novel, The Wicket and the Dead, Billy Winnetka is a screenwriter and amateur detective who Front Street Reviews calls “a character you hope to meet again. ” Now, Winnetka is back for a second case in THE DEAD DON’T FORGET (Dark Oak Mysteries; $14.95, paperback), once more reluctantly investigating a peculiarly Hollywood crime.

Who would want to scare a silent screen legend who hasn’t made a movie in years? As Winnetka discovers, there is a considerable list of suspects—from Gwendolyn Barlow’s money-grubbing high society relatives to her less-than-honest business manager. But simply scaring an old woman is one thing—killing her is another.

Meanwhile, the beleaguered screenwriter encounters a string of problems on the set of his new movie, where production has run amuck. The only antidote for his troubles may be love—but is the new woman in his life somehow connected to Gwendolyn’s murder?

With cheerful cynicism, Billy Winnetka casts a satirical eye on the excesses and often less-than-glamorous reality of Hollywood. While he may lack the bona fide credentials of a private eye, he has the right intentions, the right connections, and the right instincts to uncover the murderous truth lurking on the back lots and the gated walls.

Blending soft-boiled Los Angeles noir with a touch of satire, THE DEAD DON’T FORGET continues the adventures of Billyw Winnetka, whom Midwest Book Review calls “an extremely likable main character that pulls you along for te ride of a lifetime.”

Advance praise for The Dead Don’t Forget

“Robert Weibezahl’s screenwriter Billy Winnetka has his hands full sorting through suspects galore in this zesty mystery played out against the background of a typical Hollywood motion picture production and the people who make the movies, while at the same time Billy works to resolve the unexpected romantic entanglement brought on by a new woman in his life.” – Robert S. Levinson, bestselling author of A Rhumba in Waltz Time, The Elvis and Marilyn Affair and The James Dean Affair

“The Dead Don’t Forget is a highly enjoyable, good old-fashioned murder mystery, leavened with generous doses of romance and humor, and set against the picturesque backdrop of the not-quite-golden age of Hollywood.” – Gillian Bagwell, author of The Darling Strumpet and The September Queen

“Hollywood’s dark past and a crime make for a dangerous cocktail in The Dead Don’t Forget.” Simon Wood, author of Hot Seat

“I raced through Robert Weibezahl’s sly and knowing Hollywood murder mystery, smiling all the way.” – Mitchell James Kaplan, author of By Fire, By Water